About Us


We are Japanese distributor. We deal with import items in the world and sell them in Japan. Our main business is to introduce import items to Japanese customer and manage to promote items in Japan.

Promotion and after support

We are specialized at selling import items in Japan. We have many channels to sell import items on the web like Amazon, Yahoo, and so on. Also, our products are sold in the big retail shop like YAMADA DENKI. In these days, we are challenging to promote the crowdfunding.

Localization of the manual and the package

The editor who worked in the printer manufacturer and made Japanese and English manual is enrolled to our company. We localize your manual and package to sell items in Japan.

Corporate Profile

Company Name : Plus One, Inc.
CEO : Masahiro Higuchi
Address : 2292-1 Ooazamochibuku, Yokkaichi-city, Mie, Japan
Business : Import, Product Planning, Marketing, Wholesale

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